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  • Published : May 14, 2012
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Returning to School
What really motivated me to return back to school? Going back to school is a choose one has to considerate due to the adequate time I have to put in. My motivation for returning to school at an late age surrounds many reasons. My children and others in my family plays a big part in me returning back. I was a single parent raising my children due to their father leaving the home. I did not want my children to be a statistic so I always was careful by being a example. My job was not enough to take care of bills and my children suffered from not being able to have what other children had. When the time came around for school functions their was lack of finances and this became very frustrating. Their became a point in my life when I realize that in order to succeed in life I had to change my direction. So after observing some people that was over my age going back to school and achieving their goals in life that made me begin to think if they could do it why not me. Eventhough so much opposition was against my children, they still manage to graduate high school. As years has gone by and one of daughters married, work ,and is an ordain minister with so many demands on her still manage to go to school and earned her sociology degree. Being able to experience first hand on what my daughter had accomplish made it seem like earning a degree was not so challenging, My children , family and friends began to encourage me to go back to school and get my degree. To be enroll in school and working on my associate degree has brighten my days because to achieve this degree I would be able to support my family , own my own business and having a career that can lead...
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