Narrative Descriptive Paragraph

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  • Published : September 19, 2008
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English 1a
Narrative/Descriptive Paragraph

Fearful Encounter

I had never truly experienced fear, until I was chased by a Doberman on crack. When, I was seven years old my family and I lived in a three apartment duplex in Reno, Nevada. One hot summer day, I was playing outside in the backyard with my younger sister Emily and my friend Josie. We were kicking dirt clods around the yard with unbridled enthusiasm, when Emily suddenly stops. With her curly redhead cocked to the side, she tells us that she thought she heard a high pitched whine coming from “over thattaway”. In this case, “over thattaway” meant the chain link fence of our less than friendly neighbors’ yard. All three of us rushed over toward the fence to investigate this new source of entertainment. Once there, we heard the unmistakable whine of a puppy in distress. Well, we couldn’t let that continue! It was our duty to help the little animal. Besides, we reasoned that our parents might let us keep any aforementioned animal as a pet. So, we began to earnestly call out to the puppy. Suddenly there was a flash of deep-russet fur. Standing directly in front of us was a very large female Doberman pincher. Her legs were stiff; her muscles quivered; her yellowed fangs glistened with spit. She filled the area with her deep rumbling growl of rage and challenge. All rational thought fled. I couldn’t move or speak. It felt like someone seized my heart with an iron grip and squeezed. I couldn’t get enough air. I barely heard my sister hiss at us to run on three. Then I was just moving. The world narrowed. Sounds of running, skittering claws on stone, screaming, and barking were all jumbled together. I had to get away from the horrible thing that chased us. I leapt over a three foot gate and I was somehow in my mother’s arms bawling. My sister was right beside me, but nowhere did I see Josie. I found out later that the neighbors had been feeding the dog cocaine. The dog and her puppies had to be destroyed....
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