Narrative Descriptive Essay (Going to an Open Party)

Topics: English-language films, Drink, French kiss Pages: 1 (318 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Last night, I go to an open pool party that is organized by my friend. It is a party where anyone can go to the place where the event will be held. Everyone is invited as long as you hear about it. It’s really my first time to attend to an open party and I don’t really have any idea what would really happen that night because the party will start at 6 o’clock in the evening up to 4 o’clock in the morning and it’s really extent of time.

When I had gone there already, there are a lot of people and the place is really crowded. The sounds are really pounding and everyone is dancing. There are also free cocktail drinks to everyone. When I get one drink, I don’t get another one drinks again because I get dizzy easily with just one shot. I think that the cocktails are hardy. Some people keep on drinking cocktails. Then in time, everyone is really high and so drunk.

When the party had started, everyone seems to be so wild. I see lots of people kissing everywhere that night. There are also girls that dance wearing two-piece. And one thing that is really shocking is that the girl who is wearing two-piece removed her top and keeps on dancing. She really wears nothing and I can’t imagine that there are girls that like that. There are also many orgy games like body shots, lap dancing, French kissing and etc. Everyone seems like in a lust mode.

After the party there are lots of people who are lying on the floor without any consciousness and some are vomiting because of being so drunk. Others lost their wallets and things. There are also quite spars that night. Many controversial scenes happen that night. It’s an epic and everyone is wasted. It’s fun but it’s really not good.
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