Narrative Analysis on "Segunda Mano"

Topics: Antique, Kris Aquino, Antique shop Pages: 3 (991 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Sarah Jane R. Bunyi
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September 24, 2012
Narrative analysis on the movie “Segunda Mano”
In the story, Ding Dong Dantes plays Ivan Galvez, a mentally disturbed lover turned killer after losing his wife Mariela (Angelica Panganiban) over another man, Owen. He soon meets Mabel Domingo (Kris Aquino), an owner of an antique shop, and soon starts a romantic affair. In one of their dates, a designer friend chances on Ivan over dinner leaving Mabel insecure. So she decides to reinvent herself and turns to her best friend played by Bangs Garcia, owner of a second hand bag retailer. Unknowingly, she purchases a red bag which used to belong to Ivan’s late wife. There’s a mother-daughter drama scenes with Helen Gamboa which all rooted from the untimely demise of Mabel’s lost sister which turns out to be Mariela, Ivan's late wife. The series of scenes then leads us into believing that Mariela was the one who haunts Kris and eventually kills other characters in the story. However, in the near end, it was revealed that it is Ivan who does the killing and Mariela actually played as Kris’ advocate. 

We see again the role of religion as a last resort when being haunted. These kinds of scenes most likely happen in Filipino movies. The story itself had a good twist in the last twenty minutes. Although the idea that Kris and Angelica as sisters was a giveaway, the motive of the ghost was quite unexpected and wasn’t revealed in the near end.

One good technique to create a story out of the mainstream is to play with the mise-en-scene. The film starts with Mariela inside a car with Owen. They were arguing about their separation, and Owen is persuading Mariela to go with him. Mariela disagreed and the next picture is Mariela’s bloody and running from the car. Ivan, Mariela’s husband came in the scene fighting with Owen like he was saving Mariela from the bad guy. Mariela turned back to the car screaming her husband’s name. The next scene is Ivan drinking alcohol,...
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