Narrative Analysis of Thor

Topics: Loki, Norse mythology, Ragnarök Pages: 2 (851 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Story telling is an art form that has been practiced since humans could communicate. Stories are told to entertain. They are used to tell where we came from and where we’re going. We also utilize to stories to teach those around us. Coming of age tales are very common. They begin with a flawed protagonist who must become enlightened to transform into a proper hero. Thor is a great example of this popular tale.

Like most young adults, Thor thought he knew better than those around him and that he was indestructible. His great arrogance not only endangered himself, but his closest friends as well. He was next on the throne, but his flaws caused his father to realize he wasn’t ready to rule and Thor was banished to Earth. I think the strongest theme running through the story is having the humility to choose peace, even if victory is certain.

Initially, Odin the King is narrating the history of the Asgardians and the frost giants. After the explanation, the story continues with no narration. The story is told chronologically, but it is interchanges between the events on Asgard and Earth. As the story unfolds, Thor grows as a person. He matures and also falls in love. The love he has for Jane teaches him the selflessness and care he should have for his nation. As Thor grows, Loki is revealing himself to be a shape shifter, metaphorically and literally. He learns that he is really a frost giant, and can physically transform into one. But the audience also learns that he had initially let the frost giants into Asgard so they could claim their power cell. He then offers to let them get it again. He also goes to see Thor and tells him their father is dead and that he is banished forever. We later learn that his whole plot was a selfish scheme to kill the frost giant king so he could look like the hero and rule Asgard. All the deception and back stabbing proves he would be a terrible leader, plus it seems like he only wants to rule out of jealousy and spite....
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