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When I was young, I hated how my parents would treat me compared to my brothers. My parents where strict, you had to follow the rules or you were grounded, no exceptions, no excuses. My brothers rules were laid back but I had stricter rules and punishment. My brothers were put on a pedestal, while me being the only daughter was put on a different type of pedestal. Now that I am older, I understand and thankful that my parents were strict, because I wouldn’t be who I am today without those strict rules.

Growing up, I had two older brothers that would always get in trouble. One brother would skip school because he thought he was a genius. The second brother would always talk back to my parents. As for me I would never want my parents upset with me so I always did as I was told. At eight years old I could not ride my bike by myself around the block, which always upset me because my brothers were allowed to go to their friend’s houses which were a mile to five miles away. I could only go up and down the short driveway.

During middle school, I would see my brothers always going and hanging out with friends. When my parents and I knew their homework was not even touched, but I couldn’t see anything outside till I showed them my homework was done. My parents were always in contact with every teacher from elementary school to high school. I tried a few times to lie to my parents like I have always seen my brothers do, to go to a party but it would never work out in my favor. As soon as my parents would think about it they would catch on and then I would be grounded. I would get so angry thinking I could never do anything fun.

Entering freshmen year of high school, the rules from my parents became even worse. My oldest brother ended up dropping out of high school, and my other brother fell in love with his girlfriend and stop going to school his senior year. For me I was just making grades but I was still going to school every day and trying at my school work....
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