Topics: Hamburger, Meat processing, Mix Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Laguna State Polytechnic University
Santa Cruz Main Campus
Santa Cruz Laguna

Narrative Report in
HRM 321
(Food Preservation and Meat Processing)

Last February 18, 2013 we have our seminar about the Methods and Techniques in Meat Processing in our Subject HRM 321(Food Preservation) at the Function Hall. Professor Malilay does the opening remarks and she called one of our classmates to lead the prayer. After that the guest introduces themselves, our host on that seminar is Mr. Glenn S. Alano, he explained to us how to keep meat for a long period of time and how to pick the right fresh meat. After that he announced to us to arrange and prepare the things that we needed. The ingredients of Siomai where distributed to each group. The host called some participants for each group to collect and measure some ingredients needed. After the preparation we started to follow the procedure as Mr. Alano said, one of our members read the procedure carefully and the other are listen to know the procedure. After we finished the all mixing steps we mixed it to the ground pork and then we get the molo wrappers to swathe it like a siomai. When all groups are finished to wrap their siomai our professor said to us that the siomai we made can be divided into each member and cook it in each own house. And now we are done to our first activity after that we proceed to our second activity. We will do the hamburger patties. The ingredients were distributed again in each group. The two members of each group goes to the front to pick and measure again the other ingredients needed as same as the first activity preparation. After all the preparation we started to add meat and the mixture and mix them well after that we add another ingredients required and mix it again thoroughly after we add and mix all the ingredients required we chill the mixture for 1 to 2 hours in order to attain firm patties. After that we weigh and mold the patties with the use of hamburger patties molder....
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