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English Language and Literature (ELL)
(New Plan)

The English Language and Literature (ELL) Programme has been validated through a process of external peer review by OU UK as being of an appropriate standard and quality to lead to the Open University validated award of: BA (Hons) in English Language and Literature, ELL (OUVA).

The degree comprises 129-133 credit hours which can be completed over a four-year period of full-time study. The number of credit hours selected within this range is determined by local accreditation requirements. The breakdown of credit hours and courses needed to complete the programme are as follows:

No.| Category| Credit Hours|
1.| Univ. Requirements/Mandatory| 18|
2.| Univ. Requirements/Electives| 3-7|
3.| Fac. Requirements/Mandatory| 8|
4.| Fac. Requirements/Electives| 4|
5.| Spec. Requirements/Mandatory| 64|
6.| Spec. Requirements/Electives| 32|
Total| 129-133|

1. University Requirements/ Mandatory (18 credit hours)
The following courses comprise the Mandatory University Requirements: Course Code| Course Title| Credit Hours| Prerequisites| AR111| Arabic Communication Skills (I)| 3| |
AR112| Arabic Communication Skills (II)| 3| AR111|
EL111**| English Communication Skills (I)| 3| |
EL112| English Co mmunication Skills (II)| 3| EL111|
GR101(EL) ***| Self-Learning Skills| 3| |
TU170| Learning Online| 3| |
Total| 18| |
** All incoming students since 2011/2012 must sit for an English Placement Test. On the basis of their results they enrol in EL097, EL098, EL099, EL111, EL112 or are exempted from them. *** Students specializing in ELL or ELL with BS must study this course in English

2. University Requirements/ Electives (3-7 credit hours)
The following courses comprise the Electives University Requirements: Course Code| Course Title| Credit Hours| Prerequisites| GR111| Arabic-Islamic Civilization| 3| --...
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