Topics: Training, Support, Technical support Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: February 18, 2013
For the successful completion of this report, I would like to acknowledge and extend my heartfelt and sincere appreciation to all the people who helped me to reach and made this endeavor come into reality. It is my pleasure to thank all the people who guided me, those people who never fail giving their support on me to fulfill this On-the-Job Training.

To Mr. Jayson R. Hermogenes, I.T Practicum Adviser / Program Coordinator, for helping me in giving valuable suggestions in the completion of this narrative report.

To Mr. Arturo Lozada, the PLDT Sampaloc Customer Service Zone Head, for accepting me to conduct my On-The-Job Training in the company.

To Mr. Leonardo Valiente, the SPC CO-MDF Plant Supervisor, for giving us brief description about the activities and task we will be dealing on our training days. To Prof. Cecile Ycong, for the assistance that she gave to organize my documents and for knowledge and suggestions she gave in order to improve my documentation. To my family who supported me throughout the few months of stress and most especially to my parents who showed understanding in times I needed emotional and financial supports

To my friends, co-trainees and colleagues in the office for the unforgettable experiences and memories that we shared together.

To my loving parents who provided moral and financial support to make this study possible and finally, to GOD ALMIGHTY for giving me strength, knowledge and wisdom in all actions particularly in the whole duration of training.
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