Narration in a Telephone Call and Miss Brill

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  • Published : December 16, 2008
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Some may argue that narration does not affect the reader’s feelings on a story. But the way an author tells a story plays a key role in defining how the reader may feel about the characters, or what is taking place in the story you are reading. In the stories A Telephone Call and Miss Brill, narration is a major part in how the story affects the reader. Both stories are written using, as well as switching, between multiple persons. The authors both use exceedingly different narration techniques and methods. The different themes of narration that show up throughout these stories are omniscient, limited omniscient, and objective narration as well as first, second and third person point of view. The authors use these types of narration in different ways and times while writing. The story Miss Brill is written in third person narration. Throughout the story,an onlooker is narrating what Miss Brill is doing. But in the middle of the story, Miss Brill starts narrating what is happening in the park in her point of view. This story is a mixture of limited omniscient, meaning that the narrator can clue you in on what is happening in the protagonist’s mind, and objective, meaning the narrator is just writing about the character’s appearance and what they might be doing, and is not going into depth about how they are feeling. The author of this story, Katherine Mansfield, switches back and forth between the two throughout the plot. Omniscient and limited omniscient narration make the story captivating for the reader, because omniscient and limited omniscient narration inform the reader on what is going on in the minds if either the protagonist’s, or all of the characters. This type of narration connects you more to the story. Instead of just reading about the appearance of the characters and what they may be doing, omniscient narration gives you a glimpse on the feelings of the characters and how whatever they might be doing is affecting them. This is more stimulating than...
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