Nari Adalat

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  • Published : October 5, 2007
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Nari Adalat

The movie is about the empowerment of women which is happening in a region of Gujarat. The women have collectively formed a committee which hears cases that arrives. The case which was represented in the movie showed a domestic dispute involving a husband and a wife wherein the plaintiff accused her husband of cheating on her. She also claimed that she was repeatedly beaten and threatened. She wanted a divorce and division of property. The husband disputed the claim and accused her wife of instigating disputes. It was left to the nari adalat to verify the facts and come at a verdict. The members of nari adalat then visit the accused person's village and talk to the village committee members regarding the issue. They also talk to his family members and ascertain the facts. This whole process is a symbolic representation of the women empowerment which is slowly seeping in certain parts of India. Such instances are still far and few but it is a positive development. After centuries of playing second fiddle to the male in Indian society, today women are quietly realizing that their issues can be best represented by them only. While constitutionally they have been granted equal rights as men, the society and culture has so far been resistant to the new feminine empowerment. Though India has been one of the earliest country to have a woman prime minister and accepted her whole heartedly, when it comes to giving same rights and respect at home, there has been reluctance. Rights of women to paternal property, medical care and educational spending are still a second thought today. Abuse of women as wife, daughter and wife still continues unabated. The government has a significant role to play in this. This includes prosecution of people involve in persecution of women. Punishment for abortion of girl child, dowry practices, rape and eve teasing of women etc need strict and prompt implementation. In the end however, it is society which has to accept the...
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