Narcissism in Young People

Topics: Narcissism, Narcissistic personality disorder, The Culture of Narcissism Pages: 4 (1163 words) Published: April 21, 2013

Assignment A
Narcissism is a notion, which describes the trait to have an exaggerated feeling of self-esteem, based on the person’s ego. A person who “suffers” from Narcissism feels a demand for being treated better than others. The person is very busy concerning wealth and fame, and considers himself as a person who naturally has to be in the centre of everything. An example of a person who suffers from Narcissism is a boy from Bumfuck, Tennessee called Chris Crocker. He became famous from one day to another, only by uploading a film on the internet. In this film he cries and screams “leave Britney alone!”, because he believes that people have been too hard on her and don’t think of what she has been through. The strange thing is that he has filmed all this and even, vain enough, uploaded it on YouTube. Maybe Chris Crocker didn’t do all this only to express his strong opinion, but also to become famous. Because already two weeks after the uploading he talks in an interview about hiring a bodyguard. You can definitely say that Chris Crocker lives up to the idea of Narcissism. He is definitely busy concerning fame and he finds it obviously natural that everyone wants to hear his opinion of Britney Spears’s situation. But don’t we want that? The film has been watched nearly 40 million times, and this proves that we actually want to see and hear his opinion, but also that we, as society lets people as Chris Crocker become famous, despite their lack of talent. Our acceptation of this vain behavior is definitely caused by the phenomenon: NEW NARCISSISM:

It all begun with the myth from Greek culture, which is the story behind the notion Narcissism. The myth tells us about the handsome youth Narcissus, who is obsessed with his own beauty. The myth tells that the Gods punish him, by letting him fall hopelessly in love with his own reflection, which he sees in the water of the lake. He turns mad and develops a desire to maltreat his...
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