Narcissism: Connecticut and Great Self-love

Topics: Southern Connecticut State University, Connecticut, Antisocial personality disorder Pages: 1 (276 words) Published: November 20, 2011
Narcissism in recent years has become increasingly common in young adults. Many authors and researchers believe that the self-esteem in young adults is higher than any other generation. The college students that were studied at Southern Connecticut State University expressed such a great self-love for themselves that they came off as spoiled and un-worthy. The students believe that if they are happy with themselves, what other people think no longer matters. It seems as if this generation of future employees will be reluctant to hard work. Although people need a sense of self-actualization, the extremity of narcissism in these students is almost pathetic. The competition for jobs and work will always exist. However, people who have such a great self-love for themselves will always believe they are doing everything right, which makes it difficult to keep a job because no one is perfect at anything. A person must be able to handle criticism in a competitive work environment. Just as narcissism creates problems at the work place, narcissism can create illusions of grandeur which has been seen in a select group of people for ages. They are called cult leaders. Ever since there were easily controlled people, there were narcissistic, charismatic people to take advantage of them. This is a perfect example of how people who are identified as being sociopathic have narcissism as one of the leading factors in their mental disorders.

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