Narayan Murthy's Retirement Speech

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

I may not be always in line with Mr. N.R. Murthy. But then, the man, even his worst enemy will admit, has built a world-class enterprise from a typically poor, highly corrupt and politically, regionally, religion wise and linguistically divided India. And of course, it makes us proud. And as he has noted, he recognizes this as Infosys's biggest contribution - businesses can be run legally and ethically that it is possible for an Indian company to benchmark with the global best and that any set of youngsters with values hard work team work and a little bit of smartness can indeed be successful entrepreneurs.

Above all, corporate India faces the biggest test it all, LACK OF TRUST IN LEADERSHIP. Leaders who are servile, pompous, spineless, egomaniacs, want huge salary are dime a dozen and worse, some even do not fit at all in the roles they play. I have seen some and as India gets more and more linked to the global market, these are the people who will define the future 20/30 years. As a Leader, Mr. Murthy's record is impeccable.

Below is the farewell letter from him. Worth reading. The letter is same, I have segregated on the way I read it.

Letter Credit - Infosys Annual Report 2010-2011


Family or Company – How Tough Really It Is?

It was on one of those rare nights at home during the late eighties. I was huddling with my young children, Rohan and Akshata, when Rohan, the most mischievous child I have ever come across, asked innocently whether I loved Infosys more than him and his sister. I got away from that embarrassing situation by saying that I loved my children much more than anything else. However, even today when we reminisce about the incident my children are not fully convinced that I was telling them the truth. When I was busy overseeing every detail of the strategy and the operations of the company from designing the company logo the company song and the presentation materials signing off on every drawing and material used in every building on our campuses around the world and coming home late at night, it was difficult to argue with the innocent but correct logic of my children. When I was spending l6 hour days in the office and was away from home for as many as 330 days in a year it was hard for my children to believe in my commitment to the family.

There is no doubt that the Infosys journey has been an integral part of my life. Most of my colleagues say that Infosys is an inseparable part of me and I am an inseparable part of Infosys I have been the Number One actor in every major decision taken in the company. I have rejoiced in every significant milestone of the company I have commiserated in every false step that this company has taken. The best analogy that I can think of for this separation between Infosys and me is that of ones daughter getting married and leaving her parents' home. Yes, the parents will be there when she needs them and they will be happy that she is starting a new life in an exciting new environment.

Key Achievements – As Noted by Him :

It is not easy for me to write my last article in the Annual Report of the company. As I write this a mosaic of images from the past whizzes through my mind. The list seems endless and it would be difficult to narrate them all in this article. So let me highlight a few of them. The day we assembled in my tiny apartment in Mumbai to decide that respect from every stakeholder was the most valuable thing for us. The day we convinced our first US customer to close his own operations at SEEPZ and hitch his future with ours was a significant milestone for us. The day we won the MICO data center contract, starting as an underdog and going on to differentiate ourselves based on our advanced mathematical modeling competence, was a day that boosted our confidence as engineers. The day we inaugurated India's first software campus is still vivid in my memory....
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