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  • Published : September 27, 2011
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Personal Narrative Essay
  I tumbled in my bed, while my emotions were going all over the place. I was waiting for this exciting and also dreadful day. I could not go to sleep, I kept saying to myself “Go to sleep, the day will come by faster.” I always thought of High school of having a bully taking your lunch money because of movies I saw.   I loved the feeling of a new school, scenery; it is like more stages of my life.

    When I woke up I felt refreshed, and ready to start the next part of my life. My Mom said, “There is nothing to worry about; everything is going to be alright.” As I walked down to the bus stop it seemed as though I was walking a mile. The birds were chirping and, the dogs were barking as the sun arose to the sky. I saw old people from middle school and also new people. This experience of nature, the walk and the awakening early is all part of the next stage.

      When I walked in the High school my heart was beating to the highest pulsation. I saw old faces and new faces. The next stage was to meet new people and to adapt to the High school environment. My teachers freaked me out a little. As the year went on I got to know them a little better. Mr.Shigley told me about his first day of teaching. Shigley said, “I drew a column on the board, and I had to cover it up with my whole body because did not look right. Everybody in my class was laughing.” When he said that I busted out laughter and knew history was going to be a fun class. My next class was Spanish teacher named Ms.Balbotin. We have good times in Spanish and we joke around in class. Someone said “Jarvis is Ms.Balbotin’s dark child” meaning I acted like one of her sons. That class probably the best class that I have. Then, my teacher named Mr.Mullaney. When I stepped in the room I thought to myself “man this is one dorky teacher.” As we went on in the year, Mr.Mullaney was pretty hip and could rap. I thought that was cool, and my perspective changed about him really...
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