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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Brent Gentry
Mr. Sersey
English 102
February 9, 2012
There is “True Grit” in Everyone
True Grit shows as a different trait in everyone; everybody shows it in a different way. The hero of the story does not always have what it takes or show the qualities that are needed to have this so called “true grit”. Each and every character in the novel, True Grit, has some kind of grit about them, as one can see though the actions of the characters and the way that they deal with adversity. The story starts out with one young, not so pretty little girl who is trying to make things right after the death of her father. Young Mattie Ross is a new ear girl in her time. She has a knack of using her voice to get what she wanted from men which is very uncommon in the time period in which this book was written. Most women during this era, did not carry guns, talk so boldly to men, or straddle horses. Mattie Ross is one of a hand full of women that stood out in the crowd and she did things that were uncommon to women in her day (Women of the old west had true grit). Even though Mattie Ross showed a lot of courage, I can only imagine the fear that she must have felt as she pushed on. She looked diligently to find the man that did her father wrong and she was not giving up until she found that horrible man. One example of this is when she crosses the great river after she learns that Rooster and LaBoeuf have gone after her father’s killer without her. Another example is shown after she faces down the killer Tom Chaney. When she goes looking for her hero, Rooster, she finds that he died. She takes his body to her family grave site, as if he was a part of her family. This is one of the greatest honors that can be given to someone. This is “True Grit” at its finest. The Texas Ranger, LaBoeuf, looked all the way to Arkansas for Tom Chaney. Though out this novel, it appears this man is crazy for coming so far and not even being close to the man that he is looking for. This is...
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