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Teacher's Responsibilities in the Classroom

Teachers create opportunities for students to grow and demonstrate what they've learned. Teachers maximize their opportunities to shape the education of students. Maintain the different roles needed, such as instructing the entire class and providing each student with the developmental tools to succeed. Discipline justly and create a safe environment where bullying isn't tolerated. Follow the state regulations and school district policies in order to achieve excellence in every area. Instruct

* Ensure that every student is given a comprehensive educational experience. Plan and implement a course of study that helps students advance as learners. Present lessons in ways that engage the class at their level while leading them deeper into the materials. Create a lively, stimulating environment full of interesting supplemental materials for follow-up work. Manage

* Collaborate with the school system and colleagues to track the education and attendance of students. Monitor, evaluate and report their progress in core areas. Maintain high standards of classroom management that are consistent with the school's policies.

* Nurture the developmental needs of students, such as their intellectual interests, emotional needs, physical changes, spiritual questions and relational conflicts. Maintain professional standards in this endeavor, doing more supportive listening than talking. Communicate

* Seek out relationships with others involved in the lives of your students, including parents, coaches, other educators, administrators and extracurricular directors. Share only relevant information on students to better serve their needs. Send progress reports home to inform parents of any potential issues with their child's grades. Schedule conferences with families who are struggling, to see if you can offer academic support in any way. Protect

* Establish a safe environment for students in your class by...
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