Napster Revolution Case

Topics: File sharing, Shawn Fanning, Morality Pages: 2 (616 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Madelyn Anne C. De Leon 3EAC
Management03 Paper

1. The legal issue involved in this case is the piracy of music from various artists that is easily accesible to everybody from the website called “Napster”. The moral issue in this case is the music being stolen according to the music companies or the music was just being borrowed by people all over the internet according to Napster supporters. The difference between the two is the legal issue is based on actual evidence like there is a law imposed about this case while the moral issue is based on strong likelihood or firm conviction. The systematic, corporate issue is about the website booming and how it affects the music industry while the individual issue is the persons who makes use of this website versus the people who don’t and are againsts the use of this website. 2. In my judgement, it is not morally wrong for Shawn Fanning to develop and release his technology to the world since his initial intention was not to steal copyrighted music from music companies. His intention was file sharing and since the music industry was a boom at that time then he had to suffer consequences filed by those music companies. For me, as a person who also downloads music from other file sharing websites, I do not think that downloading music from those websites is morally wrong. At first, yes I did think a bit that this may be bad because I thought it was a form of stealing but someone Itold me that downloading files from file sharing websites like Napster doesnt mean you steal them and commit something bad. It is just like borrowing files from a friend who apparently has a copy. If you reproduce what you have just downloaded and earn profit from it then that is the time you are morally wrong and you are committing a crime. 3. Everybody is morally responsible because everyone has different perceptions about things. The outcome is caused by the choices that each persons make. If the people knew all along that the use...
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