Napoleon Trial

Topics: France, French colonial empire, Michel Ney Pages: 4 (1117 words) Published: April 9, 2012
The Trial of Napoleon Bonaparte:
Hero or Tyrant?
Prosecution- opening statement:
o“I will prove that Napoleon is guilty of crimes against the people of France, Russia, and Austria.” –Nathan Kravitz o“Napoleon is a well known man but also a well known dictator. He took France out of a constitutional monarchy and called himself emperor.” –Courtney Barnes o“I can prove that he is bad based on testimonies of the French and the British” –Armando Delgado o“From what I have seen and heard thus far is that Napoleon has killed not only his people but others people. What right does he have to do this? Why?”

Cross examination- opening statement:
o“Ladies and gentleman, I stand before you today to defend a man who brought stability to his people in a time of chaos. Napoleon Bonaparte most certainly did not want to return France to the ancient Regime, but instead came to power promising the phold of both revolutionary principles and much needed social order. The French were unstable and needed someone who was willing to lead their country, unite them, and bring order to society, and Bonaparte emerged to become that very man by creating a legendary domestic system that modified French society, a sense of nationalism, and identity nothing like the French had ever seen before, and warfare experience with keen sense of tactics revolutionizing military then and years to come leading France to become a dominant nation.” –Mimi Berri o“I intend to prove that Napoleon is in fact a great man and a hero to many based on his great military skills that brought multiple victories to France.” Emma Barker o“I will prove that Napoleon is not guilty from a loyal French soldier named Francois, who worked with Napoleon and benefitted from him. He will tell his story on how Napoleon treated him and how he was a hero to his country.” –Vincent Ladislao o“Napoleon is not guilty. He changed the education system. Not only the privileged were allowed to go. He became emperor and...
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