Napoleon Research Paper

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  • Published : September 12, 2012
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Napoleon Research Paper

Throughout history, powerful leaders are often looked at as either a hero or a tyrant for their country. Many people argue that Napoleon was a hero for France rather than a tyrant for France because of his great achievements and how he helped them through a economic decline. Napoleon’s first consulate created many reforms that aimed to save France from corruption. I believe Napoleon was a hero due to his financial and public education reforms, concordat with the church, the public works projects, and the Napoleonic Code. Even though it was said that he did these things for himself he still save France from total disaster [Napoleon Series]. Before Napoleon became the emperor of France he served as a general. He was a great fighter and very smart in the battlefield. He first went to military school in Paris and then joined the French army as a second lieutenant of artillery at age 16. This shows he was very brave and fought for his Country. He fought through the French Revolution and was promoted to general. Napoleon did many heroic things while he was general such as, command the army of Italy in several victorious battles and persuaded the French government to send him and a large army to Egypt where he won the Battle of Pyramids. Later Napoleon was able to overthrow the Directory by the Coup’d’etat and declared himself the first consul [Mckenna]. The reason why Napoleon was a hero from doing this is because he knew that he could help France and that something had to be done. Because of his past of being a general and involved in many wars/ battles he had experience and was able to stop the economic decline. It also helped him expand France by conquering other areas [Mckenna]. During the start of the nineteenth century, Napoleon established the Concordat of 1801. The Concordat of 1801 was an agreement between the Roman Catholic Church and the French government. The church agreed to give up their claim to the lost lands. The principle...
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