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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Successes | Reasons for Success | Failures | Reasons for Failure | Concordat of 1801 | It solidified the Roman Catholic Church as the majority church of France | Creation of Republics | He rules as a dictator, there was no real voting power for anyone | Abolition of serfdom and feudalism | The republic saw that all citizens were equal | Continental system | Cause economic problems throughout Europe | Code Napoleon | It was confusing that the localities of France had different laws, and having set uniform laws made life easier | Invasion of Russia | Unbearable weather, lack of food for soldiers to forage, and lack of preparation | Economic stimulation | The wars and the confiscation of the royalists lands and property | Aggrandizement of his family | His siblings were corrupt, disloyal, and incompetent | Nationalism | Most of the other countries would aspire for this in the 1800s | 1,000,000 French Casualties | France eventually lost the Napoleonic wars | Manipulation of law and religion | He allowed the church to re-establish itself after being banned from the reign of terror | Egyptian campaign | The army Napoleon left was defeated and surrendered to the British | Great military conquests | France won many battles and and its army dominated over Europe | Political repression | It wasn't logical that France should should get rid of a monarchy only to crown someone emperor | Treaty of Tilsit | Gave Napoleon control of Europe west of Vistula, with Russia as an ally | Waterloo | Napoleon's final defeat | Centralized authority | Napoleon seized power when there was no government | Contempt for mankind | Major reason for Napoleon's defeat | Legion of Honor | Encouraged soldiers to fight better | Battle of Trafalgar | France lost and meant that Britain had naval supremacy...
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