Napoleon, Hero or Tyrant?

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Napoleon, Hero or Tyrant?


Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Corsica in 1769. At a pretty young age he went to the mainland of France to study at a military academy. In the period that Napoleon was born, you could only get a great life if you were from a noble family, other people couldn’t come far in the estate society. But the French revolution changed this. How exactly? Well after the revolution a lot of noblemen fled outside France or were executed, so actually Napoleon was the right person at the right moment. For what exactly?

People like Napoleon who were willing to fight had a lot of opportunities, where he started as an officer in mainland France, he became general in 1796 and he led the campaign to Italy. His army wasn’t well armed ,but the revolution cause something. All the soldiers were eager to fight, they were fanatic. They didn’t fight for just the money, but were prepared to die for their country. So to get back at the question why he was the right guy at the right moment, if he was born 30 years ago he would never make it further than a soldier, but Napoleon even became emperor of France in 1802. Napoleon promised the ideals of the French Revolution: Fraternity ,Equality and Liberty to the French people, but did he really live up to his promise? Furthermore, was this guy really a hero or just a bloody tyrant?

In 1793 Napoleon had its first offensive, and conquered Belgium, The Netherlands and parts of Germany and also recaptured Toulon from the British. In 1796 he conquered North Italy and founded some republics there, whereas it seemed that those republics were free, they were under French rule as was the Batavian Republic(Belgium and the Netherlands). This shows that Napoleon wanted to look like a good person, but he actually wasn’t. Also he destroyed an Egyptian army that was 4 times bigger, but the British destroyed a French fleet, so it turned out to be a failure.

In 1799 Austria ,Russia and Great Britain had formed a...
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