Napoleon Bonaprte's Successes and Failures

Topics: England, Wales, French Revolution Pages: 2 (255 words) Published: June 27, 2011

•He brought temporary peace to Europe in 1802.

•He established The Napoleonic Code which included the following:

◦religious tolerance

◦jury trial for the accused

◦abolition of serfdom

◦equitable laws for all citizens of France

•He established the University of France.

•He made education for children a priority.

•He put people who needed jobs to work by building roads, canals, and bridges.

•He deepened harbors making France more accessible for trade. His work also helped to beautify the country.

•He established the Bank of France for all citizens.

•He was a brilliant military tactician and maintained the intense loyalty of his soldiers.


•He failed to gain control of Egypt from Great Britain. When he returned to France in 1799, the French soldiers he left behind in Egypt were defeated by the British. •He provoked other countries into battle.

•He was the aggressor in the invasion of Russia.

•He named himself emperor and although all men had the right to nominate assembly candidates, Napoleon chose the members. Beginning in 1804, elections were no longer held.

•He censored the media and did not allow free speech.

•He started war with England and many other nations of the world.

•His military conquests made other countries skeptical of obtaining peace.

•His military demands put France into great debt.

•He suffered a defeat, on the sea, at the hands of British Admiral Nelson. The defeat proved Britain's strength as the leader of the seas.

•He had other countries turned against him after an unsuccessful invasion of Russia.
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