Napoleon Bonaparte

Topics: Napoleon I of France, Italy, Napoleon III of France Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: November 17, 2012
Napoleon Bonaparte

A hero is best described as a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. Napoleon Bonaparte, French militaristic genius is best described as a hero because of his influence on the French law system, French military and pride or France and its people. Napoleon’s introduction of the Napoleonic Code and his military domination of Europe, were all factors that allowed France to rise above and acquire an extreme pride in the country. Because of the influence he had on not only France, but all of Europe, and now the world, Napoleon Bonaparte can be considered a true hero.

In 1804, Napoleon introduced the Civil Code of March, or the Napoleonic Code. This code reasserted equality of all male citizens before the law and absolute security of wealth and private property; two principles of the Revolution of 1789. This code, had a supreme impact on the middle class, and also led to the establishment of the Bank of France. This Bank of France devoutly served the state as well as the financial oligarchy. This bank gratified the needs of peasants most, as Napoleon protected their gains in land and status they had claimed during the revolution. The Napoleonic code can best be described as the starting point of Frances success and national unity. The Napoleonic Code now is represented in not only France, but many other country’s constitutions and codes.

Besides having a noteworthy effect on France’s government, Napoleon is most known for his exceptional military skills. Napoleon’s charisma and determination brought him to the head of France, and given the opportunity to lead France to victory. Napoleon’s victories began in Austria and Great Britain (the two remaining members of the Second Coalition). In his peace treaty with Great Britain, Napoleon allowed France to remain in control of Holland, Australian Netherlands, the West Bank of Rhine, and Italian Peninsula. Although eventually Napoleon’s army...
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