Napoleon Autobiography

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  • Published : September 30, 2012
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Autobiography: Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte, one of France’s most controversial rulers, was born on August 15, 1789 to Carlo and Latizia Buonaparte. Though he and his parents were nobles, they were not as wealthy as others. At the age of 9, Napoleon attended school in France, where he received a scholarship to study in a military academy. Here, he learned the French language and went on to graduate in 1785. He was equipped with a large quantity of potential and ambition. He felt an obligation to succeed at everything he set his mind to, with the fact that he was scarcely inches over 5 feet. None the less, after years of succession, Napoleons decree was jeopardized by his blind sense of ambition. Napoleon was an adequate soldier in the military, initiating his consistent elevations to a higher rank. He became a lieutenant in artillery of the French army. In 1784, he moved to Paris and attended another prestigious military academy. In this academy, he had studied Alexander the great as well as he studied artillery. During this time, the French revolution was occurring, which had begun in 1789. Bonaparte had a strong belief in a French republic, and he wanted to destroy the royalists, those who wanted tradition monarchs such as the bourbons back into power. He was jailed briefly by his political enemies, who did not prefer France to be a republic. During this time period in confinement, he contemplated on suicide. Shortly after being released, on March 9, 1796 he married Josephine. They had an extremely famous romance. She was a very intelligent woman. Days following the newly wedded couple, Bonaparte had to leave her to lead the army against an invasion of Italy. The French army was invading Italy with the goal of acquiring their rich Northern Italian province, Lombardy. While her husband was gone, Josephine had several affairs with other men. This devastated Bonaparte in which he wrote a sorrowful letter to his brother. His brother took this letter...
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