Napoleon's Collapse

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Napoleon’s Empire Collapses



Research Outline

I. Introduction - (Brief comment leading into subject matter - Thesis statement on the reasons why Napoleon’s empire collapsed)

II. Body – Napoleon’s success and the process of the downfall, the reasons why the empire collapsed A. Napoleon’s story
1. Napoleon’s success
a. Napoleon rose through the army
b. Napoleon defeated Coalitions and became the emperor 2. The process of the downfall of the empire
a. Many Coalitions were held against Napoleon
b. Napoleon was force to abdicate, but he became the emperor again c. Waterloo Napoleons Last Battle
B. The reasons of the downfall of the empire
1. Napoleon’s characters
a. Positive characters that lead the empire to downfall b. Negative characters that lead the empire to downfall 2. Napoleon’s domestic affairs and policies
a. Debts and vast cost caused heavy taxes
b. The empire was controlled by Napoleon’s family c. The Continental System
3. Napoleon’s foreign affairs and policies
a. Fought against Spain
b. Invaded Russia
c. Napoleon allied with feudalism force
d. Anti-French alliance

III. Conclusion
A. Analytical summery
B. Evaluation of Napoleon
C. Concluding statement

Napoleon Bonaparte was the First Consul of the First French Republic, Emperor of the First Empire of France and Hundred Days. Napoleon Bonaparte is one of the greatest strategists and politicians in world history. Under his rule, France became the strongest country in the Europe. However, after his empire achieved the height of power and splendor, it suddenly fell from grace in a short time. Why did such a strong empire fall in such a short time? This is the question that has been deliberated by many professors and historians. There are three main reasons that led Napoleon’s empire to collapse: the disadvantages of Napoleon’s characters, domestic affairs and policies, foreign affairs and policies.

Napoleon’s story
Napoleon was born at Ajaccio in Corsica to parents of noble Italian ancestry. He trained as an artillery officer in mainland France. He rose through the army and came to power step by step. In 1799, he staged a coup d'état and installed himself as First Consul; five years later the French Senate proclaimed him emperor. Since Napoleon came to power, he did pay much attention to governing the country. He restored France’s order and defeated the Anti-French Coalition again and again. Napoleon then became the absolute leader of most of the land of Europe. “The only major European countries outside Napoleon’s power were Britain, the Ottoman empire, Russia and Sweden” (Krieger). Napoleon’s empire held together for only five years and then was broken into pieces. In 1806, Napoleon started the Continental System in order to destroy the economy of Britain, but it also hurt France’s economy. During 1808---1813, Spanish peasants fought Napoleon’s army in Spain. In 1812, Napoleon decided to conquer Russia and he lost the war. These military actions weakened Napoleon’s power greatly. In 1815, Napoleon was defeated by the seventh Anti-French Coalition in the Battle of Waterloo. From then on, Napoleon’s empire lowly collapsed. Napoleon was exiled to St. Helena and he died in 1821.

The reasons for the downfall of the empire
Napoleon’s characters
Both of Napoleon’s positive and negative characters led his empire to downfall. Napoleon’s positive characteristics, such as confidence, optimism, and bravery broke him down. First, self-confidence made Napoleon so over-confident that he underestimated the situation by mistake. For instance, he wanted to make Spain under his rule, so he planned to make his brother Joseph king of Spain. “He thought the Spanish would accept his tyranny and obey his policies, but he...
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