Napolean Bonaparte

Topics: Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, World War II Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Napoléon Bonaparte’s rule is an example of nationalism demonstrated in the source. Napoléon Bonaparte emerged as a leader who united the French. He brought order back to French nation. France was an unstable nation after the revolutionaries had overturned the absolute monarchy because the government factions such as Jacobin -- a radical, left wing and Girondins were struggling for political power. Bonaparte took control; he modernized the government and laid down foundations for public education. He wanted government power to apply to everyone equally, legal class differences and hereditary government offices to be abolished. He wanted salaries to be given to his bureaucrats, who were to be selected based on talent, not birth. Bonaparte also stabilized French currency by creating the Bank of France. He was an inspirational leader to the French and also to the Europe. Bonaparte viewed his military conquests as a mission to extend revolutionary principles in Europe. Bonaparte’s war time histories helped strengthen patriotism of the French citizens toward their country. This type of nationalism is positive for the society because it helps creates equality, liberty, fraternity. The citizens of France wanted equality, liberty and fraternity and thus they had decided to start the revolution. Bonaparte helped the citizens of France build a nation based on these ideals. Bonaparte was not a dictator, as he allowed people to voice their opinions and he did not force citizens to follow him. This was a positive form of dictatorship under Bonaparte. As said in the thesis, Nationalism should only be embraced to the extend where society is able to make decisions because it leads to positive nationalism. Bonaparte proved that when people in a nation take part in decision making, it leads towards a positive view of nationalism. However, by the end of Bonaparte’s rule, he did become a dictator. He was now controlling people with fear. He quickly gained power because of fear....
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