Nanotechnology in Sports Science and Equipment in China

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Nanotechnology in sports science and equipment in China

Have you ever wondered why the tennis racket you are using is so flexible yet durable to withstand the force of swings? Or why does that tight vest you are wearing seem so thin yet provide excellent protection and warmth even in the coldest weather? Nanotechnology has been a rapidly advancing technology in the preceding decade, and is expected to be growing enormously in various aspects in the coming future. The potential of nano-tech extends far, and gives promising results in sciences and medicine, and of course, the many sports equipment we are currently using.

What is nano-tech? All matters are made up of tiny particles, called atoms, and their properties are directly determined by these small particles, their strength, colours, textures… Nanotechnology is a science which aims at directly making products in that atomic level, and therefore, we can directly decide what properties of that material we want. For example, we want a light and strong material to make our sports rackets, and we found that carbon is the best building blocks and we invented many different kinds of materials, including carbon nanotube we always hear about. And these are collectively known as nanomaterial.

Numerous researches have been conducted in both China and Hong Kong. China government has invested large amount of funds into the field of nano technology. Since 1999, China's spending on research and development (R&D) has gone up by more than 20% each year and a further funding of £12 billion has been invested in 20121. And over 30,863 patents on nano technology was established since 2008 and the number of nanotechnology related science publications in China has ranked second in the world, surpassed only by the USA2. These statistics all showed that China is closing gap between frontier countries and determined to have a large chuck of profit from this big cake.

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