Nanotechnology Holds Huge Promise In a Wide Range of Applications but there are Potential Risks

Topics: Skin, Nanotechnology, Drug delivery Pages: 4 (1104 words) Published: March 27, 2013

Nanotechnology holds huge promise in a wide range of applications but there are potential risks. Discuss.

“Nanotechnology is the science of creating or modifying materials at the atomic and molecular level to develop new or enhanced materials and products. Nano-materials are one-billionth of a meter in size, a thousand times smaller than a red blood cell.”[i]

One of the common words that are being referenced these days when we discuss about the world developing into a more advanced is nanotechnology. Nanotechnology offers a ‘huge promise in a wide range of application’ to consumers’ benefit although it also brings serious dangers. There are applications ranging from cosmetics, everyday clothing, electronic and to medical break through. Nanotechnology have had a solution on its consumers, simply because it is being used in all the similar application as before but now makes life for its consumers simpler and more content than before. Those who are very conscious of nanotechnology are much more likely to have the main impression that its benefits will overshadow its risks; whereas those who have heard very little or nothing about it are more likely to be unsure and to not express an opinion at all about the risks versus benefits debate.

Moreover, some consumers constantly presume that the technology can be used in daily applications, such as laptops and mobile phones, providing and leading to an intense future for everyone. On the other hand, some consumers fail to understand that even though nanotechnology has been establish to the world there are also drawbacks it causes which may stop manufacturers and companies from placing them on the maker and selling them. Nanotechnology enables scientist to develop incredibly small atoms and molecules, which were very difficult to approach with current technology, that it permits them to measure and predict the result. Nanomaterial often shows different chemical and biological properties than their actual size...
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