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Nancy Farmer

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I, a writer who mixes science fiction, fantasy, and my own real life experiences, is said to write novels that “seep into your mind and settle there”- USA Today on back cover of the novel, The Sea of Trolls. As a writer for young adults, my many titles include: Lorelei, Tsitsi’s Shirt, The Ear the Eye and the Arm, Tapiwa’s Uncle, Do You Know Me, The Warm Place, Runnery Granary, A Girl Named Disaster, The House of the Scorpion, and The Sea of Trolls. (1). Growing up in a bizarre world of retired railroad men, rodeo cowboys, circus people and wild animals, It’s life was full of unusual happenings; events most kids would consider strange and out of the ordinary. All of this leads to ideas that filled my imagination with things hardly imaginable. Things of science and fantasy come together and create a world that only someone like I could have imagined. Biography

I was born on July 19, 1941. Although I was born in Phoenix, Arizona, I grew up in a hotel owned by my father in Yuma, Arizona; a small, outback town near the Mexican border. I became interested in literature at a young age when, on bingo nights, my father would take my with him to the American Legion meetings and I would hear endless stories. These stories touched my imagination and started my life long love of story telling. (1).

Later in life, I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Reed College in Portland, Oregon (1). I then became a Peace Corps volunteer, mostly because I wanted to go to India and meet a Maharajah (1). During that time, I was boarding a yacht one day with my friend who was planning to sail around the world, but the yacht was in the process of being stolen by thieves! If I and my friend had not taken the time to double-check their belongings, I may have never have lived to become the writer I is today. The coast guard arrested the villains and my journey continued. Eventually, I moved to Zimbabwe to study insects as a scientist (4). A few months later, I met my...

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