Name Calling

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  • Published : December 13, 2010
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Sarah Clark
Speech 101

Stage Materials
Paper Work Format for Informative and Persuasive Assignments

Stage I

Step One (General Purpose)
_____ Informative
__X__ Persuasive
_____ Entertain

Step Two (Select a Topic)
students should watch what they say in public

Three Things We Should Know
1. Why the public is not the right place for offensive language 2. Use of the word “gay” needs to be redefined.
3. How the words can affect people.

Statement of Purpose:

As a result of my __6-7__ minute presentation about why students should watch what they say in public, I want the members of this audience to understand when joking with offensive material is ok, why the use of “gay” needs to be redefined, and how offensive words can affect people.

Role Reversal Statement:

If I were a member of the audience, I would insist that the speaker provide answers to the following questions before I would fully understand why I should watch what I say in public.

1)When, if ever, is ok to use this offensive language?

2) What words are considered offensive?

3) Why is “gay” considered offensive?

Stage II

I. Introduction:

Capture the Audience’s Attention:
Has anyone here ever been called something offensive as a joke or even casually? This is something that many people face daily, but is it really ok?
Introduce the Topic:
When you say something in public are you entirely aware of whom it may be impacting? In today’s day and age words are a powerful weapon that some use without even knowing it. Next time you say something think about where you are and who could overhear it and how it can be perceived.

Establish Importance:
During my childhood I was bullied and was the victim of verbal teasing. All around me offensive words were slung around with little thought.
Preview the Message:
In a politically correct world where many words have become taboo why are there still so many words that offend on a...
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