Namanga Eia Study Report

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  • Published: August 24, 2012
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1.1 Project Proponent

AFRITRACK INVESTMENTS (EA) LTD. is registered as a foreign company for the purpose of business and housing development in Kenya.

1.2 Project Description

The project area falls within parcels No(s). KJD/METO/2435 (2449) and KJD/METO/2546 and is located along the Namanga Highway in the County Council of Olkejuado. The area is highly accessible from the adjacent Namanga Highway. It is approximately 118 KM from Kajiado Town. Namanga's longitude is S 2°32'39.8" and longitude E 36°47'20.2".

1.3 The EIA Study Objectives

The EIA study objectives for the proposed project were:

i. To identify environmental economic, social and health impacts,

ii. To find out the opinions of the public on the envisaged impacts of the project,

iii. To prepare an Environmental Management Plan for the proposed project.

1.4 Scope of the EIA Study.

The study has been conducted to evaluate the impacts of the proposed Development emanating from construction and operations. The EIA project report includes an assessment of impacts of the construction and operations on the following: • Description of the proposed project

• Baseline information (Biophysical and Socio-Economic environment) • A review of the policy, legal and administrative framework • Assessment of the potential environmental impacts of the proposed project on the biophysical, socio-economic and cultural aspects. • Development of the mitigation measures and future monitoring plans.

1.5 Rationale for the Project and the EIA Study

Global Industrialization has been on the upward trend as it is seen as a means of achieving structural transformation of the global economies. A Similar growth has been experienced in Kenya where industrialization has recently been embraced as a strategy for economic development, employment creation and poverty eradication. A policy dubbed “Vision 2030” was developed in 2008 as a...
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