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  • Published : February 12, 2011
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Analyzing the impact of product placement on consumer culture. Product placements are one of the advertising campaigns. The purpose of advertising is to inform and to alter the attitude of consumers toward product. Recently, the researchers recognize that consumer’s attitude toward the advertisement would affect the attitude toward products or brands. In other words, consumers tend to generate positive brand attitude and purchase intension toward the advertisement they like.  Memory refers to the ability to recall the massage after watching the advertisement once. Since the purpose of advertisement is to sell, the product must leave some impression before purchase behavior thereafter. The advertisement that cannot be remembered would not be recalled at the subsequent time point when the purchase decision is made. Therefore, whether the consumer could remember the advertisement is one of the measurements of the effectiveness of advertisement.  At some point in time it was thought that attitude is the human recognition, assessment, emotional experience, and behavior tendency toward specific things or value. It was also thought that attitude is a predetermined stance of a continuous and either positive or negative reactions that is acquired through learning. Some also though that attitude is the combination of concepts, belief, motivations, or habits related to a specific object. One of the author thought that attitude is a mental tendency through learning and is a long-lasting assessment toward things. It was said that the attitude is a long term judgment, emotional feelings, and behavior tendency of like or dislike toward object of concept.  The importance of brand attitude is the proxy for researcher to estimate the purchase intention and behavior of consumers. Most they believe that the depicted that the better attitude of an individual hold toward a brand, the more likely he would use the product. On the other hand, the less positive attitude,...
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