Nalysis of the Text “ Three Men in a Boat” by Jerome K. Jerome

Topics: Jerome K. Jerome, Three Men in a Boat, Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: February 1, 2012
Analysis Of The Text “ Three Men In A Boat” By Jerome K. Jerome 1. Jerome Klapka Jerome (1859 –1927) was an English writer and humorist, best known for the humorous travelogue “Three Men in a Boat”, also he wrote” Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow “, “Second Thoughts of an Idle Fellow” and “Three Men on the Bummel”. In his works, Jerome criticizes human’s weaknesses, be it arrogance, greed or conceit. By means of his vivid style and sparkling humor, he produces laughter-provoking situations which are often based on misunderstanding. 2. The text we are going to analyze is a chapter from Jerome’s book “Three Men in a Boat ”. That extract depicts an episode from the journey of the 3 main heroes when after wandering about Sonning village they decided to spend the night by the Shiplake islands. The rest of the evening was spent cooking an Irish stew. They put everything they could find into the so-called Irish stew: cracked eggs, potted salmon, some pork pie, peas and potatoes, consequently they liked the concoction “it was a great success, that Irish stew”. A great number of such words as vegetables, cold beef, Irish stew, peeling potato, scraping, pork pie, dinner, pot prompts us the theme of the text which is cooking. Concerning structural division of the text, the story is logically organized and falls into three parts: setup(introduction) ( looking for a place to stay) then conflict(chain of events) (how to cook an Irish stew ) resolution (conclusion) (Enjoying the meal). Nevertheless we cannot call it a complete separate story as the extract represents only a part of the whole novel and the main characters were introduced in the beginning of the novel and not the very extract. Therefore, the setup of the extract may be called incomplete or partial. 3. The author’s idea is to entertain the reader by mocking at the three self-conceited idle men who try to deal with the thing they know nothing about. 4. The story is...
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