Nadler and Tushman's Congruence Model of Change

Topics: Organization, Management, Formal organization Pages: 3 (593 words) Published: October 24, 2010
Draw and critically evaluate Nadler and Tushman’s congruence model of change. Answer:

Informal Organization

Individual, team, & Organizational performance

Formal Organization


Managing Change – transformation process

Nadler and Tushman’s congruence model of change depicts the organisation has a system that draws inputs from internal and external sources and transforms them into outputs through four components or sub systems which are dependent on each other: * The work itself,

* The people,
* The informal organization,
* The formal organisation.
In essence the model depicts the dynamics of what occurs in an organisation when we try to change it and the effects on dependency between the sub systems. The basis of this model is the organisation being viewed as an open system, whereby the organisational subsystems are influenced by the external environment. The organisational system draws inputs from internal and external sources such as the organisation's strategy, its resources, and its environment—and transforms them into outputs, such as behaviour and performance. This transformation from inputs to outputs occurs through four organisational sub-systems: the work, the people, and the formal and informal organization. * The Work - involves the daily activities carried out by individuals in the organization. * The people – refers to skills and capabilities of the staff involved in the organisation and more emotively their backgrounds and expectations of the organisation. * The formal organisation – refers to the structure, its standard procedures, and its policies. * The informal organisation - refers to norms, values, power and political behaviour, essentially subjective matters which may change over time. In this model, effective change occurs when all four components (work, people, formal, and informal organization) are engaged, because they...
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