Nacl Affects on Enzymatic Reaction

Topics: Sodium chloride, Chemistry, Chemical reaction Pages: 4 (1453 words) Published: May 22, 2011
The Effects that 1%, 4%, and 16% Sodium Chloride (NaCl) Concentration Had on the Rate of Reaction of Catecholase Enzymes in a Potato (Solanum tuberosum).

Enzymes are a key component of a cell. They make chemical reactions happen faster because they lower the activation energy to make the chemical reaction occur. Most of the time, it is best if enzymes produce as efficiently as possible, but in some cases it is better if they do not, when dealing with potatoes (Solanum tuberosum). If the catecholase enzyme of the potato is hindered, it is less likely to brown when it is cooked. To see how efficient sodium chloride is at slowing down these enzymes, the experiment measured the rate of reaction when the enzymes were exposed to different concentrations of sodium chloride. The results of the test clearly stated that the higher the sodium concentration in the solution, the slower the rate of reaction. For example the rate of reaction for the 1% solutions was .0023/s, and the 16% solution was .00171/s. Introduction

To understand the effect that salt (NaCl) concentrations will have on the enzymes, it is necessary to understand the purpose of enzymes. An enzyme is capable of speeding up specific chemical reactions by lowering the required activation energy. Enzymes are three-dimensional globular proteins that fit snugly around the molecules (substrate) they act on. When the substrate is in the active site of the enzyme, the enzyme will change the structure of the substrate to allow new bonds to form. Once the substrate has been altered, it leaves the activation site and is then referred to as the product. The products that come out of enzymes could be an amino acid, a nucleotide, or another important cellular molecule (Mason, Losos, and Singer 2011).

Enzymes are very important to life. The chemical reactions within living organisms are regulated by controlling the points at which catalysis takes place. Life itself can be seen as regulated...
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