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As I was reading this article I could not help but wonder if Thompson was describing a real culture or if this was a work of fiction. I could not understand why this Nacerima society would want to change the environment so much. I was also wondering how a culture that was ancient enough to be studied through the artifacts that were discovered through exploratory digs could possibly be advanced enough to have electronic security systems, erected steel sculptures in the sea, and box-like images that receive transmitted electronic –impulse images. I was at first, picturing an Indian-like tribe. When Thompson explained the significance of the Elibomotua during mating rituals and courtship I thought, “This Elibomutua sounds very similar to a car.” Just then, I had an epiphany. Elibomutua is automobile spelled backwards and Nacerima is American spelled backwards. I then proceeded to reread the article with my newfound knowledge.

Thompson, in my opinion wanted us to take a step back and look at our own culture through the eyes of an outsider. The article was written from a futurological standpoint and is a foresight into what could happen to the American culture. I believe his intent was to show us that if we stay on our current path we would be responsible for our own extinction. We are destroying our environment only to change our surroundings into what we think is more esthetically pleasing. I agree with Thompson’s evaluation of the Nacerima culture and behavior. We cannot exist on only man made products. By altering our environment we are changing the quality of the very things we need for our survival. Everything that we do has an impact on something else. The cars that we conveniently drive every day are contaminating the air in which we breathe. Not convinced? Just take a look at global warming. We are responsible. Reading this article was a real eye opener and it caught me a little off guard. We need to take more responsibility and give...
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