Nabila Sgawkat

Topics: Abuse, Bullying, MySpace Pages: 2 (756 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Nabila Shawkat
Throughout the world technology is used to cyber bully other people and we want to prevent cyber bullying by making new laws. Cyber bullying is important because it is still going on in the world and making bad effects on people. Cyber bullying effects people physically and emotionally. Victims of cyber bullying might hurt themselves and others. Some will commit suicide or commit murder because they are so mad and full of hate. Students don’t want to go to school because schools don’t have cyber bullying laws to stop cyber bullying. States and school have to make laws to prevent cyber bullying. Not all schools and states have cyber bullying laws.

In the article students create fake e profile to bully peers, by Michelle r Davis to teenage girls were arrested in Florida and charged with cyber bullying after creating a fake face book page impersonating another student and using it to bully her. Students Indiana polis set up fake twitter for the principal and tweeted comments before the account was shutdown. Student’s creation of fake face book and twitter are making schools to deal with such a behavior. 38 states have bullying laws and 14 states have cyber bullying laws. Three students at Newburyport high school created face book page for a classmate and used it to post negative comments about other students. The victims didn’t know about it until he was teased by other students at school. MS Willard who is responsible for the internet use said that schools should do something when a fake social networking file is created and she also said that it is against the federal law for the website to provide that type of identifying information. She also said that it is critical for schools to work with law enforcement and mental health officials to develop policies and procedures before such a situation occurs.

In the article schools based efforts to prevent cyber bullying by Justin w, patchin, PhD and Sameer hinduji educators and other adults who work...
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