Na Meeting Paper

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  • Published : May 15, 2011
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NA Meeting paper

Prin. Chem. Dep. 5300 B

Before I attended the NA meeting, I had felt more than a little apprehensive; I really wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the meeting and that made me very nervous. I have talked to and listened to addicts and recovering addicts many times before, my brother is a recovering addict and a few friends are also, but that did not prepare me for the sadness, grief, and happiness I saw in this meeting.

The meeting started out with the person running it starting things off, and then asked if anyone wanted to share anything. There were about seven people in the meeting not including myself, and they all shared their stories and what was going on with them. I found their stories and life events uplifting and interesting to hear about, and I was proud of them for everything they have survived and made it through.

When I think about the meeting and everything said in it, it really touches my heart how the people were able to overcome the obstacle of addiction and better themselves by kicking the habit. I was brought to tears by one mans story, he told of how he had lost his wife and turned to drugs to numb the pain and grief, but sadly became addicted. He went on to share how he lost everything in his life before it really ‘hit’ him that he had to change something, and he entered a rehabilitation center, got off the drugs, and today was his 1,826 th day of being clean (that’s five years).

What I learned at the meeting, well really what I learned from the people who shared their journey, was more than I could ever put into words, it had such a great on me, and I am sure it will always be with me. I feel like I have somewhat learned some of the difficulties that these people have experienced in their life, I don’t mean to say I knew nothing of it before, but it is different hearing from people other than your brother. From what I heard in the meeting I really feel that I understand my...
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