Myths and Stereotypes About Native Americans

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  • Published : October 31, 2012
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Myths and Stereotypes About Native Americans
In this article, Walter Fleming argues that because Native Americans are such a small minority in the United States, most Americans are not properly educated or have limited knowledge of Native Americans. Based on the lack of knowledge people tend to get stereotype using information from popular culture instead of actually fact. “Stereotyping is a poor substitute for getting to know individuals at a more intimate, meaningful level”. (Myths and Stereotypes About Native Americans, Walter C. Fleming, Pg. 1) Fleming also hopes to offer his perspective on what he considers the most important, teachers and others might keep in mind when measuring curriculum, developing lesson plans, or teaching Indian children. He details seven myths, which Native people encountered on an almost daily basis, and presents best practice for those teaching Native students.

One of Native Indians biggest stereotypes is that they receive special privileges. There is law that grants Native American tribe’s sovereign nation status, but I wouldn’t consider that “Special”. Fleming states that society misunderstands treaty obligations as special privileges, for example requests that the government would provide education and health care to the natives American in exchange for the millions of acres of tribal lands. He goes on and states that “Education and health care have been “bought and paid for” by Native ancestors”. (Myths and Stereotypes About Native Americans, Walter C. Fleming, Pg. 2) Though some natives are excused from some taxes, only if the federal reservations in which they reside are not part of the states. I personally don’t think that they get any special privileges, and should be respected for this was originally their land. The federal assistance given to the tribes is comparable to foreign aid we give disadvantaged people overseas.

Native People are not born with full knowledge of their culture and history....
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