Mythology Love Stories

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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Malikka Caige
ENG 394
Dr. Decuir
The power of love in mythology stories is very intense but most of the stories end tragically for the lovers. The stories are very similar and the beginnings and ends are a lot alike. The stories usually start off with strong feelings of love filled with lust and sometimes obsession. All building up into a relationship filled with love that eventually ends tragically. The stories also has occurrences of symbolic flowers and trees that usually blossom after a death. There are many different tragic love stories in mythology but they are similar in the story line and symbols seen in them. The symbolism of flowers and trees are found in many tragic loves stories. After a lovers death sometimes flowers or trees sprout to symbolize the lover that died or how they died. A example of this is in the story of Apollo and Daphne and their tragic love. In the story Apollo and Daphne are never really lover. Apollo feel deeply in love with her because but Daphne never wanted to be with him. Apollo’s desire to be with Daphne and Daphne’s desire to rebel him was brought about by Cupid : So saying he took his stand on a rock of Parnassus, and drew from his quiver two arrows of different workmanship, one to excite love, the other to repel it. The former was of gold and sharp pointed, the latter blunt and tipped with lead. With the leaden shaft he struck the nymph Daphne, the daughter of the river god Peneus, and with the golden one Apollo, through the heart. Forthwith the god was seized with love for the maiden, and she abhorred the thought of loving. (Bulfinch 16) After Cupid used his arrows on the both of them Apollo began to pursue Daphne and chased her trying to convince her to be with him. Daphne fled from him as long as she could until she had no more strength. She then asked her father to change her form to get away from the danger. Daphne was then turned into a laurel...
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