Mythology Compare && Contrast

Topics: Greek mythology, Roman mythology, Zeus Pages: 3 (1210 words) Published: April 19, 2012
Khudai Tanveer’s Honors Pre-IB English 9th Block #3 Compare and Contrast Greek Myth’s vs. Roman Myth’s (Final! Draft!)

Mythology: “Legendary Stories, people, or person. False popular belief” quoted by . Is this the correct definition? Depends on your beliefs. These “false stories” used to be peoples religion! Roman myths! Greek Myths! Olympian Greek Gods who control the sky, water, and hell same with the Roman gods for whom our planets are named after (Romans were the first to name them so therefore.....). They had many differences and similarities sometimes the thing that makes them different also made them the same. The way the cities for these “myths” started, the practicality of the way they worship, and others opinions on these so-called “stories”.

In the beginning there was chaos then came Erebus, The place where night and death dwell. Silent, dark, endless. Then Love was born, from love came light and day. From them together (Love and Erebus) came Gaea, the earth came to be. Then Erebus slept with night that gave birth to Ether, Heavenly light, and to Day, earthly light. Then Night alone produced by herself doom, fate, earth, sleep, and dreams. While Gaea alone gave birth to Uranus, the heavens. Together they produced Cyclones, Hecatoncheires and the titans, but Uranus was a cruel father who hated his children. So he was defeated by his own son,...
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