Myth of Phaethon

Topics: Light, Phaëton, Color Pages: 3 (1110 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Myths tell us stories of the past including beliefs and cultures of people. There are many myths and stories that give us ideas of creativity and imagination. In the book The Metamorphosis of Ovid, the story of Phoebus and Phaethon particularly stood out to me. Even though it is short, the story is full of suspense and action that helps capture the reader’s attention. The two images below portray the same scene yet they have remarkably different impressions. Illustrations and visuals make it easier for the audience to picture what is going on in the story, and it is also an excellent way to see what other people’s perspectives are on the story. In the Myth of Phoebus, there is a young man named Phaethon. Phaethon seeks assurance that his mother, Clymene, is telling the truth that his father is the Sun God, Phoebus. Phaethon journeys to the home of Phoebus to find out the truth. Phoebus wants to prove his love towards Phaethon and promises on the Pool of Styx that he will give Phaethon anything he wants. Phaethon asks for Phoebus’ chariot, to drive the sun across the sky. Phoebus tries desperately to prevent Phaethon from riding this chariot, due to its destructive power, but despite his warnings Phaethon insists on the chariot. Phoebus, who promised on the Pool of Styx, grants him the wish with specific instructions on how to control this chariot. Phaethon takes the chariot to the sky, but he quickly loses control. He sets the earth ablaze and countless lives are massacred. Jove ends up shooting Phaethon out of the chariot in order to save the earth before it was too late. Many artists have depicted this story in their own ways. This particular image of Phaethon immediately caught my eye. Its modern twist of texture and colors make it vibrant and interesting. In the story, despite his father’s warning, Phaethon drives Phoebus’s chariot and sets the world ablaze. Of course Phaethon has no idea what he is doing, and the picture illustrates the...
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