Myth, Influencial Pros and Cons

Topics: Religion, Mythology, Joseph Campbell Pages: 3 (900 words) Published: October 31, 2010
Myths, Influencial Pros and Cons
The Greek gods and godesses, La llarona, and fictional creatures such as Japanese dragons and heroes are all of different origins and cultures with one universal concept. Mythology has the sole purpose of creating morals and beliefs deriving from human nature in order to teach generations of a specific culture their trademark theories and faiths. According to Joseph Campbell every myth has a hero and the criteria for one such as this includes: sacrificing oneself for the better of others, some type of trial and tribulation which allows one to grow morally (though in many myths this is portrayed in a literal term) and some kind of transformation. Many of these concepts may sound familiar because through these myths we have based our societal views and utilized the ideas provided. For example the United States Military system derives many of its’ principles from such myths. A few other examples might include the raising and developing from mother and child and one of the most prominent myth we instill our beliefs in, religion. As stated before the United States military bases a majority of its’ principles on common beliefs instilled in our society by the popular myths we have grown to love over the years. As in The Oddyssey, Odysseus is required to leave his home and pass through a series of trials and tribulations before he can return as a hero. If this sounds familiar, it is. In the U.S. military it is mandtory to pass through a boot camp in order to enter specific branches to serve in. Another principle we as a nation strongly believe in is definitely derived from the main criteria from a hero. Every nation I’ve come across has strongly believed in the idea that dying for ones country and the bettering of their homeland is heroic. On the optimistic side of this particular belief, the families of loved ones lost at war are comforted by the idea of those deceased perishing with honor for their country. However, on the...
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