Myth Comparison Essay

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  • Published: March 23, 2006
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Have you ever come across a tale or a myth wherein a female character was revealed as a protagonist, away from harm and not to be controlled by others? Not very likely. The mythological world was so much of men's civilization that women weren't after audiences' attention whatsoever. Despite the fact that female characters were often involved in countless myths, many were scapegoats for men; they must suffer, sacrifice and be tossed around. Such portrayals were established within "Demeter and Persephone" by Celia Barker Lottridge, "The Face in the Pool" by Mary Pope Osborne, and inside the Greek Mythology The Beginnings "Pandora's Box" by T. R. Gadd.

In almost all tales and myths, there was always an innocent female character who must suffer in the end. Demeter, goddess of Earth, along with her daughter Persephone, were two delighted female figures who lived on Earth in the story of "Demeter and Persephone." Unfortunately, Hades, god of the underworld, decided to kidnap Demeter's beloved daughter bringing joy and lightness to the world where only death existed. Ultimately, Demeter soon discovered the loss of Persephone and this angered mother sought for revenge. Consequently, Persephone became the property of and was under the domination of Hades. As an ignorant person, Persephone did not know why all of a sudden she became the bride of Hades and would forever breathe the air of underworld. On the same hand, people and the nature of Earth were covered with remembrance of Demeter's. "Until my daughter is returned to me, the earth will show the sorrow in my heart," (Lottridge 314) Demeter stated to Zeus. From this, it was shown that both Demeter and Persephone were innocent female figures who had done nothing wrong but had to suffer in different ways. Furthermore, the goddess of Earth along with Persephone were just bringing energy and joy to the world, while Hades was the one who caused the trouble. Yet Persephone had to stay in the dark and gloomy underworld and Demeter had to suffer with sadness. These acts of penalty proved that they were punished for the fault of others, therefore scapegoats of Hades. Proof of suffering was also developed in "The Face in the Pool" where Echo, a charming nymph, was serving for the god of sky and also ruler of the Roman pantheon, Jupiter. In addition to this, Jupiter frequently called for this little wood nymph to distract his wife Juno from finding out where he was jovially entertained with other wood nymphs. Eventually, his wife realized that Echo was in fact misleading her and this outraged Juno directed a spell upon Echo. As a result, poor Echo was not only cursed for being not able to develop sentences, but also to repeat just the last words of others. Unlike Demeter in "Demeter and Persephone", the curse on Echo was an ongoing and never ending suffering. Words filled with fury came out from Juno's mouth as she shouted wrathfully at the face of Echo, "Henceforth, your voice will be more brief, my dear! You will always have the last word - but never the first." (Osborne 6) For this reason, we can identify how Echo as a female character was indeed assisting for a god but unluckily ended up suffering. Moreover, Echo was merely used as a toy for Jupiter, but he did not even have the intention of assisting Echo's recovery or to do anything about this after his wife afflicted her to forever echoing the words of others. Echo was evidently nothing other than a scapegoat of Jupiter for what he has done. In other words, Jupiter basically treated Echo as a shield which kept him away from trouble for embracing and having fun with wood nymphs and yet, Echo was abandon when she became useless. Evidence of suffering appeared in "Pandora's Box" as well, where Zeus ordered Hephaestus to create a no-ordinary woman to carry the responsibility of discharging evils into the world. Due to Pandora's curiosity in her head which was thrown in by Zeus, she unsealed a packed-jar and the evils plagued over...
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