Mystic Monk

Topics: Profit, Coffee, Nun Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: March 27, 2013
iLauren Petrillo
BUS 488
Mystic Monk Case

1. His vision for the monastery is to transform the brotherhood of monks and purchase the Irma Lake Ranch so that more monks can be accommodated. The mission for the monks of Wyoming is to grow their monetary and continue to worship God. They would like to see accommodations for 30, a Gothic church, a convent for nuns, and a retreat center in their future. However when it comes to the future of Mystic Monk Coffee Father Daniel Mary hasn’t articulated a vision. 2. He has made it a goal to purchase the $8.9 million Lake Irma Ranch, but he doesn’t seem to have short-term or specific goals for how he is to get there. 3. Strategy includes using the profits from Mystic Monk Coffee and the charitable contributions for achieving the vision. Some competitive advantages that the Coffee business has is that it uses high quality fair trade Arabica and organic beans. It also has a variety of blends, roasts, and flavors. Telephone orders are accepted but it helps that most of sales are done online. They also have Catholics on their side and word of mouth advertising. Also, by branching out and including T-shirts, mugs, gift cards, and CD’s they are more competitive and by selling wholesale to churches and coffee shops is a plus. 4. MMC’s strategy is not a money maker when you consider the $8.9 million they need and the 67 years it would take to get there. Also, the web site generates a loss because of the 18% commission on the sales and there is only an 11% net profit margin. I would also argue that the business model isn’t successful because in order to make reasonable profits they will have to up production which isn’t really possible due to time and constraints, let alone if demand would reach that high in the marketplace. The business model is only sufficient if Father Daniel Mary chooses to scale back his vision. 5. I believe the strategy is good but also has its weaknesses and could...
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