Mystery Shopper Report Mark 301

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  • Published : November 12, 2012
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Mystery shopper report
For my report I chose the shop Pier 1 Imports, I have never heard about this shop before which shows that they have weak marketing strategy. So the reason of having gone to the Pier 1 Imports was actually a gift card presented to my parents. I would like to emphasize here that the gift card is a reason to make a purchase even if you don’t have intentions to buy anything. Another very interesting characteristic of the gift card, which not many people are aware of, is that the amount you are going to spend is much higher than the actual value of your gift card. We had $100 on our gift card but spent $200; because of the human nature we always tend to want more. And it is impossible not to buy something in Pier 1 imports: every shopper will find something appealing to him or her. After visiting this shop and starting my assignment I found out that Pier 1 Imports has a chain of stores in US, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Value

Pier 1 Imports calls theirs products as one-of-a-kind. Uniqueness and originality are the main characteristics of the products they offer. People come to Pier 1 Imports not just to buy goods for home interior they come there in a search of something outstanding. Merchandise which is imported from more than 50 countries is carefully selected in order to find an appeal to each customer. The one most outstanding value they offer to its customer is that buyers can cooperate with the Pier 1 Imports Development Team on new designs of future products. Pier 1 imports states that this shop is a “different world” and each time you visit this store you can “discover something new and unexpected”. Their point of differences

Comparing Pier 1 Imports to the Ikea (for example) who has the same range of products offered, the first one has their goods imported from all over the world. The IKEA offers only Swedish products. Pier 1 Imports offers a variety of styles attracting different groups of...
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