Mystery Bag

Topics: 2004 albums, Man, Happiness Pages: 2 (804 words) Published: December 7, 2011
There was a long line in the wintery New York streets of 1858. Many wealthy people were waiting for the Magic Broadway to open. Once the doors opened, the people filed into their seats. Rows filled in seconds. The chatter turned into whisper, then silence. The velvety red curtains opened, and then music started. Lights flashed, then a group of people dressed in authentically tailored costumes, went out to the center of the stage. An elderly woman leaned over to a young man to clarify something. She stood straight after a few seconds, squinting over the audience. The man seemed confused, then cleared his throat and started to speak.

"What an audience we have out here!" The man nervously. Clearing his voice again, he started the show. "The story that is going to be told to you tonight, will somewhat be fascinating, bone-chilling, hysterical..... I could come up with much more descriptions for this, but I'd rather not. At that, the man left the stage. Then a woman came up into the light. She was short about five feet, maybe. Her black hair glistened in the light, and her eyes carefully moved across the room. After a few moments, she began to softly talk.

" I was once a magician's assistant," She began. " I would always be beside him handing him this, and handing him that. I got so tired of Everybody commenting about how, " Oh, he's so great!" or," He is so amazing!" So one day, I watched him practice a spell on a chair, you know, before the show. I went home that night and practiced it. I still know it. With knowledge of all, I hope you hear this call. By the time I'm done with you, you will have forgotten everything you will ever do."

The woman stopped to think about it." So, I went up to the loved man and whispered it in his ear. It seemed that his mind went blank. He turned to me and asked," Who, who am I?" I was so happy it worked, but I knew I had to keep a straight face, to not give it away. I told him something completely different then from...
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