Mysterious Roses and Cold Feet

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  • Published : September 3, 2012
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Ethics Game Dilemma
John Knowles
July 30,2012
Rhonda Lawrence

Ethics Game Dilemma
The following paper will reveal the ethical issues involved in the simulation of The Mysterious Roses and Cold Feet. The author will also reveal the ethical decision making steps in addressing the issue along with the ethical lenses utilized to influence the decisions. Issues

The first issue was to determine the actions moving forward when dealing with confidentiality. The second issue was the reporting of misleading information in a report of a case study and the bad side effects. Stakeholders

The stakeholders in this simulation are the stockholders, the Board of Directors, the CEO, the CLO, Manager of Operations, the HR Director, and employees of the company. Even though not all stakeholders are involved with both issues, ethical decisions affect everyone involved with the company as well as the community. Lenses

Four different lenses are applied in the simulations to assist the user in making the best ethical decision. The four lens applied are Rights and Responsibility, Results, Relationship, and Reputation (Boylan, 2009). The rights and responsibility lens deals with the duties of the company and management. Managers have a duty to the company to perform their duties in an ethical and per company values and expectations. Companies have a duty to ensure that employees are treated in a fair, lawful, and ethical manner (Boylan, 2009) Results are the next lens that is put into use. This lens deals with the decision that brings happiness to as many of the stakeholders as possible. The next lens used to influence the decision is relationship. Relationship lens deals with the basic right of not only the individual but also the community. The last lens is the reputation lens. Reputation lens takes into consideration what the right, noble and best decision for everyone involved (The Mysterious Roses and Cold Feet). Even with the assistance of the various lenses, it...
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