WHERE: Taylors house (bedroom)
WHO: Taylor
WHAT TIME: 6:00pm
WHEN: after the play took place

Taylor: [just got off the phone with Chelsea, puts the phone down and groans]

Chelsea is so frustrating. She is always telling me to do everything for her. Why can’t she do something herself for once… This has probably been the 100th time she has asked me to hack into another persons MySpace account. I mean she’s already suspended for that and who knows what else, doesn’t she know when to stop.

But I guess I can’t say no, I mean come on its Chelsea. I don’t want to think about what would happen if I said no to her for anything. Chelsea’s so popular. Everyone wants to be her. But if someone else had to, it would have to be me. I mean come one, we’re like totally a like. She’s my BFFL so she’s like always right.

[Twists her fingers]

…… tight!

Anyway I should probably go on msn because so many people probably want to talk to because I’m so popular.

[Sighs and opens the laptop and signs in on msn]


[Smiles and laughs]

Oh course. Chelsea my BFFL is talking to me.

Hey Chelsea. Yeah I’m like totally good. How are you?

Bad? Huh.

Why is that?

What’s wrong with that?

Which one? You had like a million.

Was that the guy who was like totally obsessed with the internet?

But that was like a trillion years ago, he’s not going to be single for the rest of his life.

WHAT! I’m not like totally on his side. WTF!

Well what are you going to do about it?

[Face turns into disappointment]

Oh not again. I’m over hacking into peoples account. Especially Dominique. She’s my friend too. Sure she is a bit weird and those glasses look so stup…


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